Penplan is an independent pension consultancy firm registered in Kenya with over 10 years’ experience in the pensions Industry. We support pension schemes with a full range of services through a more collaborative, innovative and practical approach that relies on a close working relationship with the pension schemes. Penplan focuses on building stable and long-term working relationships with clients, and has led to an excellent track record and a high level of client retention.

Our Vision

To be the leading pension consultancy firm in the African continent

Our Mission

To develop innovative but safe solutions for our clients, using a highly skilled and motivated staff that have the know how required to assist our clients attain an adequate level of income at retirement.

Our Philosophy

Every country and organization is unique in one way or another and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Penplan Services Limited has therefore adopted a philosophy based on the following principles in the delivery of customized solutions to each of its clients:

  • We shall focus on what we know best and shall only undertake multiple roles for one client where we can add value without creating a conflict of interest.
  • We shall apply the most up to date professional skills/knowledge in performing our work and in cases where we don’t have all skill necessary to undertake a particular task we shall partner with others
  • In everything we do, we shall bear in mind that reworks are messy and expensive and therefore we shall try as much as possible to get it right first time.
  • Finally at Penplan Services ltd we consider ourselves as a ‘safe pair of hands’ first and foremost and we would like to ensure that pension investments are safe as we pursue innovative solutions for the benefit of all our stakeholders. Creativity will therefore be encouraged but prudence shall take the top slot.

Meet Our Team

Penplan has highly qualified and experienced staff as well as a properly constituted Board of Directors with a combined experience of over 30 years in the pensions industry.

Our Specialities

The directors and staff have diverse skill set ranging from; financial management, Training, strategic planning, accountancy Actuarial, Legal, Governance, risk management. The firm also has a research ad hoc team that includes outsourced research experts.

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